Product 產品介紹
Product 產品介紹
Envirox DPF
Envirox DPF
Diesel micro filter has DPF regeneration, smoke reduction, cleaning engine, saving Fuel.

Nanotechnology-based Fuel Borne Catalyst

Provides performance benefits for diesel engines including:

DPF Regeneration

Smoke Reduction

Cleaning Engines

Saving Fuel

Diesel Particulate Filter reduction regeneration

Envirox DPF assists research in fuel additive using with Diesel Particular Filter. The high performance of nano aids for burning the black smoke particle.

Principle of work:

Opacity decreased a lot, Diesel engine burning process of producing black smoke.
Reduce accumulation of Diesel Particular filtering inside black smoke micro particle caused by ignition temperature.
The stuff relieve Diesel Particular Filter blockage including car stop and restart time which rises fuel-consuming and cost increase.
Envirox DPF assist (Envirox Nanotechnology-based Fuel Borne Catalyst) a lot of stuff providing different way in use. Pouring it into fuel tank or pouring into Diesel Particular Filter.

Envirox skills based on cerium oxide, the stuff used in car catalyst in industrial oxidation catalyst. The early on cerium oxide can't compatible with diesel. But use nano-technology, we can use cerium oxide to make nano liquid, and then can dispersed in diesel.

Use Envirox improving combustion and cleaning engine, reduce toxic gas of PM,HC,CO.

Road test for public transportation showed that using Envirox can reduce 64% Particulate Matter Pollution.

Clean engine::
use Envirox can reduce carbon deposit and micro accumulation, keep the engine and exhaust system cleaning – Especially the clean of combustion chamber and exhaust system. The traditional additive can't work.

Use advanced nanoparticle (clean accumulation) and traditional injection nozzle detergent. Envirox keep the car motor and exhaust system cleaner.

Saving Fuel

The clean engine can save fuel. Use Envirox reducing and saving fuel, the same time can reduce CO2.
Pass through several independent evaluation for road test certificate, use Envirox saving fuel 4% to 11%.
The Stagecoach has been using Envirox for ten years in whole UK cars.

Stagecoach is the first use Envirox nano high performance combustion additive for transport business, we hope can reduce greenhouse effect. The same time using Envirox high performance combustion additive can save money. Use Envirox additive providing wisdom to customers and environmental protection.

In Oxford university Bergbro industry zone, innager Europe LTD is professional nano technology in UK. Sience 1994 always research for professional nano technology science, research, produce, commercialization.

Envirox nanotechnology is the best in global known brand for car fuel additive, and they are providing high-performance of stuff.