Product 產品介紹
Product 產品介紹
eONE additive
eONE additive
eONE gasoline additive

BASF product prevents carbon deposit

The first thing that gasoline additive for you and you get right choice.

BASF 100% no added high-efficiency gasoline additive applies to all of the cars globally.

1. Keeping engine clean: The gas tank to add eONE that making combustion chamber the best effectively clean. .

2. Reducing emission: Engine or injected engine nozzle deposited carbon caused bad atomization to produce bad emission.

3. Make sure a good drive performance: The engine is at its best performance , suggested using eONE fuel additive to control carbon deposit getting batter starting performance and make sure that the car is in normal condition in use.

4. Extent engine life: eONE fuel additive can clean carbon and form a liquid protective film preventing production from carbon deposited.


1. The stuff for clean will be highly effecting performance & function. A clean engine with using additive will make no carbon at all. You got to add one bottle of additive.

2. Before refueling adding eONE. eONE applies to all model of car and any grade of gasoline.

3. The stuff continues to spell in sixth times, improving carbon deposited removal and protect your car engine.