Product 產品介紹
Product 產品介紹
BASF TWC three-way (three-way catalyst) technology is of coating precious metal (platinum, palladium, rhodium) in patent.

It’s better than traditional ternary catalytic converter for conversion efficiency.

BASF platform advantage is of accurate coating of precious metal for laying and isolating.

The material has more momentous advantage: Optimize the amount of Precious metals to lower the cost and raise the efficiency to be heightening conversion efficiency of CO, hydrocarbon and nitrogen oxides.

BASF ternary catalytic converter is of commonly used, low ignited temperature.

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All of the government in the world focuses on emission standard of diesel engine due to air pollution and respiration disease created by exhaust emission from car and truck. BASF is leading supplier for HC, NOx and PM control of Off-road emission in many countries for years. Our products conform to all emission standards in the world. BASF produces catalyst of CSF, DPF, DOC and LNT.

The emission control equipment is really important for installing on car engine which keeps clean air in the city.

The first BASF catalyst unit installed on car in 1975, and several ears later producing second generation of ternary catalytic converter is able to reduce CO, HC and NOx of engine.

The ternary catalytic converter eliminates hydrocarbon, nitrogen oxide and CO for more than 1000 megaton touching in air.

BASF develops advanced commercially catalyst for petrol and diesel engines.

BASF have been closing and working on industry field providing customers using new technology of products which conforms to environmental protection law.

Additionally BASF provides precious metals treatment and service which protects and checks all in raw materials.

BASF is researching and developing the high economic efficiency products for finding a solution to reducing the emission of diesel car, diesel commercial vehicle, Non-road mobile machine, motorcycle, small engine with the outstanding results.

Emission control technology improves air pollution and health problem.

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