Product 產品介紹
Product 產品介紹
Straight through unit
Straight through unit
MACRO-e by-pass type ceramic carrier purifier follows BASF design with high-quality built precious metal catalyst element.

The carrier uses famous one in the world either American made core or Japanese NGK made one.

Using diesel oxidation catalyst (DOC) technology inhibiting toxic gas emission exhausted by internal combustion engine such as hydrocarbon, carbon oxide and particulate matter.
Model / Output Range :
Type Available range Size
A*B*C (mm)
3D CAD  
PC25140 4.0L 61*160*366
PC40165 4.1~6.5L 77.1*160*366
PC65185 6.6~8.5L 90*160*402
PC85112 8.6~12L 115.4*205*402
PC12116 12.1~16L 141.2*205*442
PC16120 16.1~20L 166.6*256*420
PC20125 20.1~25L 218*256*478
PC25130 25.1~30L 218*295*477
PC30135 30.1~35L 218*330*517
PC35140 35.1~40L 218*350*542

Product features:
  • Immediate reaction under low temperature.
  • Reach to maximum 98% above reaction effects.
  • Keep perfect reaction even under condition of extreme temperature changes.
  • Increase sulfide in fuel to be merged into catalyst easily

Scope of application:
Diverse construction machinery, Diesel engine power equipruent, Diesel engine pump set, Diesel generator set.

Straight through catalytic converter: 
  • Creation overall design enhanced durability.
  • Burning rapidly, High-temperature storage capacity.
  • Effectively resisted physical reactions caused by thermal shock.
  • Higher surface area in the same volume.

Factory: MACRO-e Technology Co., Ltd
Contact person:  Joseph Lin
TEL: +886-2-8676-4693
FAX: +886-2-8676-6012