Group introduction.

To be understood what customers’ demands and to provide products in compliance.

Since the establishment of MACRO-e, performs integrity, profession, respect, sharing are only our belief.

Insisting on passion and step by step is becoming an enthusiast push hard to protect environment and evolution of energy power.

The conflict between the growth of global energy and the demand of environmental protection, MACRO-e should start with balancing both for the orientation of benign development is a new topic to be noted.

MACRO-e brings about persistence and pride to go forward every concern of the world creating our brand recognition to be the next miracle of Taiwan.

We service customer with commitment of four persistence of:

Integrity: The basic rule is company cultures and spirit of enterprise; we persist on high-quality.

Profession: The every stuff must follow SOP, so as customers can believe us.

Respect: To provide high quality products. The high quality is valuable consideration without ignoring customers and market demands. 

Sharing: To do a good job advancing skills to be professional for generator set industry in success.