Our company is a professional diesel engine generator set manufacturer certified by ISO 9001 and well-known in generator set industry.
MACRO-e laboratory follows ISO/IEC 17025 being conferred on ISO/IEC 17025:2005 TAF certification. MACRO-e records the fast one to gain this certification in generator set industry.
Our lab build up the testing procedure following the stringent standards, carefully procedure and high demand of specification on measuring instruments for testing. Focusing on every detail is to be completed the testing procedure satisfying clients. MACRO-e is the excellent to be worthy of trust never bear burden to clients.

MACRO-e lab envisages quality policy, goal, promise: professional, correctly, design and procedure.
MACRO-e lab combines with design, produce, professional technicians providing the professional testing service.
The execution of test follows CNS rule and MACRO-e regulation internally according to original design requirement and information of contract.
Laboratory technicians are eligible for their job and doing test to be fair.
The Lab is according to ISO/IEC 17025 to be achieved following profession, correctness, design and produce.
MACRO-e lab complies with ISO/IEC 17025 TAF test program:

  1. Instantaneous rate of voltage variation Test
  2. Allowable rate of variation of voltage Test
  3. Allowable rate of variation of frequency Test
  4. Temperature rise Test
  5. Insulation resistance Test
  6. Dielectric strength Test
  7. Automatic start Test
  8. Deviation factor of voltage waveform Test
  9. Telephone influence factor(TIF) Test
  10. Characteristics of over speed Test
  11. Noise level Test
  12. Structural inspection
  13. Characteristics of  momentary over current test
  14. Waveform test
  15. Vibration test
  16. Short circuit curve test
  17. Variation of output voltage

Following SOP of CNS 2901, CNS 10204.
Approval criteria apply to fire services emergency generator 3 ,440 Vac Max., 60Hz, 1750Kva Max.
Automatic start test is according to CNS 10204-780622 version sec 2.5.
Operation method: Using moving-head switch simulation for a signal of ATS start, turn auto position on control panel. Turn on moving-head switch to count up the built-in time between receiving signal and boosting voltage up.